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Historical Preservation, Forensics, Photovoltaic, Garden Roofs, Spray Foam, Com-Ten, Resistance Tests, Optical, Standing Seam Metal, Freezers, Coolers, Chillers, Asset Management, Surveys, BUR, Metal Restoration Systems, Non Destructive Testing, Electronic Capacitance, IR Moisture Detection, Window Testing, Rilem Tubes
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Surveys, Testing, Inspections, Expert Testimony, Infrared NTD, Quality Assurance Observations, Plan and Constructability Reviews, QCM AAMA ASTM Industry Testing
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Forensic services are also provided by Atlas Consulting as part of leak evaluation or litigation support where destructive and non-destructive testing is completed for observation by appropriately licensed Contractors.

These specialty services focus on building enclosure systems, new and emerging technologies, providing design or support for the Designer of Record (preparing plans, specifications, details, reviewing submittals, conducting or assisting pre-installation meetings, evaluating Contractor Quality Management Programs and field verification of  the contractor’s testing and Quality Control practices.  They may augment Department of State Architect (DSA) or (OSHPD) or be stand alone where those inspections are not required, but the owner desires the specialty consulting for review, administration and Quality Assurance.

Services provided are generally outlined in the Roll Delineation guidelines developed by RCI, Inc.  Services follow testing and observation standards outlined in the RCI Manual of Practice, CSI Resource Manual, pertinent ASTM and other standards modified by Atlas for our use

Atlas Consulting provides Specialty Architectural Consulting Services for Public Works Projects on a limited basis in California.  Clients include but are not limited to architects, owners, or construction managers for required or discretionary fiduciary inspections and observations of Contractor Quality Control as part of the owner’s Quality Assurance process.  Services are also provided for NAVFAC / USACOE CQM Programs where RCI credentialed consultants and observers are required.    

Services are provided by a Principal on a sole non-contractor basis with a Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) Public Works Contractor registration for our consulting practice.  Our focus on building enclosure systems has evolved to keep pace with the changing needs of our clients.  Our analysis, observations, and opinions routinely include but are not limited to work in North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes 236210, 236220, 238140, 238150, 238160, 238190, 238310, 238990, as well as below grade waterproofing, moisture in concrete, air barriers, plaster and masonry walls, windows, garden roofs and photovoltaic arrays.

*Specific tasks may overlap or mirror the Inspector of Record (IOR) and contractor’s Quality Control requirements without a specific DIR exemption letter, but are not offered or to be construed as contractor related trade or craft inspections or as part of the Contractor or sub-Contractor’s Quality Control for their definable features of the work.

We are not contractors and do not participate in Owner Controlled Insurance Programs (OCIP).  Our worker compensation designation 8601 for Engineering and 8720 Inspection for Insurance, both specifically exclude construction.  We do not furnish materials, install work or take physical samples requiring a contractors license (CSLB) and no services are provided where labor classifications require certified payroll reporting (CPR).  

The Pubic Entity should confirm where Quality Control inspections may be completed by the contractor or sub-contractor’s trained and qualified journeymen as part of an approved CQM Program or where specialty inspection designations provided by the Operating Engineer’s Local are required.  Atlas will observe and report on those procedures as part of our Quality Assurance assignment with appropriate notification