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Surveys, Testing, Inspections, Expert Testimony, Infrared NTD, Quality Assurance Observations, Plan and Constructability Reviews, QCM AAMA ASTM Industry Testing
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We Solve Problems Where Others Have Failed

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Our clients are diverse.  But they all share a drive for a QUALITY consultant.  That's where Atlas Consulting comes in.

Our team has more than 40 years experience and our credentials and performance are rock solid!

Have a complex project?  Contact us to fit a system that's right for your project or property needs.

Below is a partial list of our clientele/project types


Historical Preservation, Forensics, Photovoltaic, Garden Roofs, Spray Foam, Com-Ten, Resistance Tests, Optical, Standing Seam Metal, Freezers, Coolers, Chillers, Asset Management, Surveys, BUR, Metal Restoration Systems, Non Destructive Testing, Electronic Capacitance, IR Moisture Detection, Window Testing, Rilem Tubes
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